Our team stands ready to answer all your questions

Los Angeles can be an overwhelming place. The city is like no other, and it can be difficult to settle down. Therefore, we provide a customer service that can help you with all the questions you may have. Our team is available over the phone and via email during your entire stay in LA. We want to make sure you have a comfortable and safe stay.

This is why you as a client can contact us by phone or email at any time throughout your stay. We want this to give you a sense of security. We are here for you!

All types of general questions may be asked help_outline

keyboard_arrow_rightYou have broken your phone and are wondering where to fix it
keyboard_arrow_rightYou need new clothes and want to know where the best shopping spot is
keyboard_arrow_rightYou want to join a sports team, but do not know where to find it
Which banking solution you should choose as a student or young professional in Los Angeles.
keyboard_arrow_rightWhich cell phone plan suits you the best.
keyboard_arrow_rightHow the train system works.
keyboard_arrow_rightWhich apps you should download on your phone.
keyboard_arrow_rightWhich bars and nightclubs to go to for a great night out.

You can ask us anything. We are always happy to help!